We all have areas of conflict and struggle that cause us a lot of pain in our lives.

It can be very tempting to view ourselves as victims of circumstance (or even other people’s bad behavior) when in the midst of such pain.

However, this mentality is incredibly disempowering because it leaves us at the mercy of the random winds of fortune and it also robs our journeys of deeper spiritual meaning.

Our unconscious thoughts, feelings and belief systems help create the external reality around us – in other words, some shadowy part of us actually plays a key part in constructing the very circumstances that cause us pain.

This is actually good news because it means that any area of suffering is essentially life’s way of highlighting where something has become misaligned inside of us. And if we can get “inside” that misalignment, we can find a key wounding that is crying out to be healed.

I’m an empath, intuitive and channel who offers dynamic readings to help people excavate hidden aspects of themselves that have been unconsciously running the show up until now.

Together, we dig underneath any area of struggle – whether it be in relationship, creativity, professional life, spirit, sexuality or the emotional body – and bring forth the parts of you that have been invested in these conflicts out of fear, anger or old images. In this work, your greatest challenges become your greatest teachers by providing a tangible doorway into the shadows of your psyche. And in that light of consciousness, the real work can begin.

You shift from feeling like a hapless victim into a powerful co-creator of your circumstances. And that is the very essence of an emotionally, creatively and spiritually fulfilled life.