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Sherri Brown,
certified core energetics practitioner
New York , NY

“Whenever I work with Jamie, I am taken by surprise at the deep level that we sink into almost immediately. Our sessions beckon me into the unknown where I can take risks and open more fully to source. As a result of our work together, I have touched unknown places in me that have allowed my creative work and healing practice to expand and grow in ways that they probably would not have otherwise. My last session with Jamie had more of an impact on me than any other therapeutic thing I’ve done recently. It continues to reverberate months later.  He is clearly tapped in.”

Amber Dixon
Venice, CA

I have never been treated so humanely, so honorably, so kindly, and respectfully in my professional life or healing work.  He never overwhelms with opinions nor does he foster victimhood, but works with the stealth and precision of a sorcerer.  I mean this truly. I never thought it possible to let certain relationships fall away that were not in my highest good, nor did I think I would be so quickly pursuing and executing my soul’s purpose, even in the face of unknown outcomes.”

Liz W. Garcia,
television producer/filmmaker
New York , NY

The reading with Jamie was incredibly powerful. It literally took him seconds to intuit the same answers that it has taken therapists months to arrive at. And things took off from there.  Even though the premise of his work is unconventional in that it incorporates his instincts about you – ‘reading’ you – I found the work itself to have much more real life applicability than your normal therapy session. He’s combining different approaches – from intuitive instinct, to talking, to body work – and the result was amazing. He was really able to speak to struggles I was having that I couldn’t put words to. He helped me get in touch with feelings that had previously been buried, and then I got to experience in real time what it is to sit with difficult emotions and LIVE THROUGH IT. It was very real world. This felt like brave work, with practical application to my life and coping mechanisms, but also with the depth and story telling of therapy. I left the session feeling hopeful and empowered to deal with my baggage. Also, it must be said: I booked a job producing a TV show with themes directly related to what came up in my reading less than a week afterward – I have no doubt the two things were connected.”

David Mahony,
screenwriter, singer/songwriter/artist,
San Francisco, CA

Get ready: it’s weird. But that weirdness is the very thing that gets you out of the everyday ruts that you’ve built for yourself. it was a complete break from thinking and thoughts and everything I was used to, it immediately sparked a different part of my being. My work with Jamie quickly evolved to go deeper than my issues with my writing, and into the bowels of my inner frustrations. Together, we found a way to reconnect with the heart and soul of my creative process. You’re in good hands. I never felt judged or worried about Jamie’s approval, I felt free to be authentic. This stuff isn’t easy, but Jamie makes it safe.

Brian Zerega,
Los Angeles, CA

Recently I received  a session from Jamie that was unlike any self work I have done before. It was creative and spontaneous, without a script at all. It began with a focus on self experiencing and led to some rather surprising areas of emotional holdings around the ownership of my body, my relationship to sensuality and some of the reasons for their restriction. I generally tend to feel lighter of heart and mind after working with Jamie, but this one particular session created a deep shift in my relationship to my practice as a bodyworker. I noticed that I was softer and less forceful with my clients, able to take that self sensuality which had been experienced in my session to the other bodies I worked with (in addition to my own). I was also surprised and elated to find that I was connecting  with my wife easier and on some deeper levels.  My wife also had a session with Jamie and she is rather discerning with whom she opens up to. I was worried that she would hold back, but to my surprise she had an incredible session and truly let down her guard. She is very excited to have another session.”

Rachel Moore,
Phoenix, AZ

“I found this went a lot deeper than traditional therapy.”

Leslie Biesecker,
real estate broker
Los Angeles, CA

“The reading relieved so much for me. An immediate healing happened. Before I came into the office, I had no awareness of what was stopping me from stepping into a fuller life. I had all these ideas and inspiration of things I want to do and create, but always felt like I was falling short of them, and never knew why. You brought things up during the reading – particularly around sexuality and intimacy – that made so much sense. Healing starts with awareness: if you don’t know what you’re working on, it’s hard to actually work on it. I am not guessing at the problem anymore. I now know, ‘This is what it is,’ which means I can work on it and heal it. That was so powerful for me. The day after our reading, I felt so much energy in my sacral chakra – I usually feel cut off down there, but I felt all of this energy for the first time in a long time. And because of our work together, I knew it was my job to literally sit and interact with it rather than shut it down (which is what I would have done before). I really breathed through it, listened to it, tuned into it. I am now interacting with my own energy! These issues needed to be addressed so I could move onto other things in my life.”

Hayley Pryor,
Studio City, CA

“I usually need to have everything figured out. I need to have the right answer for everything. It can make me feel crazy sometimes. That’s how I entered the reading. And much to my surprise, I left the reading feeling very peaceful. After our session, I let go of that need to know, I let myself be, I stopped picking at myself, which was very helpful. My partner had been pushing me to have answers about some big life decisions before I was ready, which had been adding to my overall sense of pressure and making me feel overwhelmed. I realized this pushing wasn’t helpful, I actually stood my ground with him and told him that I need some time. That felt really good. I lost the worry – I’m going with the flow and seeing where the chips fall. In the past, it’s hard for me to let go of not having a direction – to let things go and see what comes to me – but it feels like the exact right thing now. And the reading has helped me to actually do just that.”

Dr. Michael Lennox
astrologer/dream interpreter/psychologist
Silverlake, CA

“When I showed up for my session with Jamie, I really had no idea what to expect. What followed was the most unique experience I have ever had with an intuitive consultant. I have worked with dozens of practitioners of this sort over the years, and what Jamie does is completely his own. When I left, I had the very definitive sense that I had received some powerful work, and I can still feel the shifts taking place inside my consciousness weeks later. His work goes deep, so if you are looking for the type of guidance that includes both insight and healing, I enthusiastically encourage you to check him out.”

Kerstin Zilm
Los Angeles, CA

“Your intuition is astounding.”

Bailey Miller
declutterer, organizer & interior designer
Los Angeles, CA

“Hi, Jamie! I’ve been wanting to write you yet trying to formulate the words. First of all, I just really appreciate you and your honesty. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to go to a psychic/intuitive that actually gets to the root vs just telling me I’m on the right path/everything is good as I always feel like there’s something to work on. I’m intuitive but it’s very difficult for me to read myself so I just really appreciate you and your work. You’re the only one that has truly been able to “see” inside my world and verbalize it. When you spoke about the anger, I laughed because I was like, okay this guy gets it, he hit the nail on the head. And yet, the way you phrased it, opened me and I felt the energy of that pattern, or saw it in my mind, unravel and release multiple patterns at once. It took a few days to integrate which is how I could tell you really got to something deep, my whole body felt it. You truly changed my life and helped me release something, consciously, I’ve been wanting to release for a long time. I’m def ready to put the power back in my own life. Thank you again for your compassionate insight.”

Mike Mantell
Seattle, WA

Jamie truly has a gift. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and a lot of healers, and I’ve never experienced something quite like Jamie’s skills. He took me on a journey. We got in deep. We went into aspects of my childhood and family that I’d never seen before. We touched into emotions that had never been expressed before. We felt parts of myself that had never been seen. From one session together I understand parts of my sexual landscape with greater clarity than before, and left feeling empowered by his extreme warmth and care. If you want to get to know yourself and your sexuality in a profoundly deep and healing way, then I would absolutely recommend working with Jamie.

Mark Manchester
executive business coach
New York, NY

“Hi Jamie, I wanted to thank you again for the session we had a couple of weeks ago. Each night as I lie in bed, I’ve taken to thought-chanting, “I need help.  I need help.  I need help.”  And I have been going right to sleep for the most part, and sleeping through the night.  This is very unusual since, as you know, I have had insomnia for quite some time! I told a trusted friend about it and said, ‘Well, basically you are surrendering and sleep is about surrender.’ Also, when I notice things on my lists that aren’t getting done, or goals I haven’t gone after, or new bars I’m setting for myself to jump over, I try saying, ‘well, I need help’ rather than just going for it on my own. Surrender works.”

Eliza Woods
New York, NY

“Hi Jamie, thank you so very much for our call! It was only 15 minutes, but it was exceptionally helpful! I have worked on this issue for a long time in so many ways and the general advice/work has been around control and me letting go of control. Which I try to do and then ultimately it doesn’t work. Once I thought about it from a frame of powerlessness I immediately felt it shifted it in me. It makes so much sense! It helped me so much with a problem I hadn’t been able to figure out. This blew me away.”

Kevin Hunter
 author, psychic
Redondo Beach, CA

“Wow! That was brilliant Jamie and so incredibly on the mark. What you said was probably the first thing that touched me in a long time. Not much gets me a reaction, I’m so desensitized and unfazed, but that caused a noticeable shudder that made me stand up. It was like you called out to that self that was buried underneath and it heard you. You have the strong psychic clairsentience going which helps you psychically tune in deeply into someone’s consciousness to see what’s hidden that needs to be brought out. You can pick up on things that others are not good at. You’re able to get underneath the core parts of ones consciousness. That’s a real gift. Not many can do that, let alone accurately. You can get in there like a psychotherapist to help others uncover issues they may not see that can help them channel positively into something greater. Kind of like a guide. You’re gifted, which I already knew from first meeting. Thank you for that brilliance.”

David Chitara
astrologer, intuitive
Dallas, TX

“I met Jamie a few years ago at a weekend workshop.  Honestly, I was intimidated by him initially.  He saw and spoke to some places in me that I had only touched into previously and was scared to fully meet.  He met me in that resistance and held me in a skillful way.  That first experience of him left an impression and opened a door for me to more fully encounter parts of myself.   Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with him individually.

I find Jamie to be one of the most cleanly sensitive beings I have ever encountered.  As an intuitive and astrologer myself, I often find it frustrating when I don’t feel seen or met by someone who is serving me.  And that’s something I have encountered quite a bit.  Jamie is such a breath of fresh air in that regard.  He is no stranger to complexity, and I feel a tremendous amount of space in his holding of me and the work that we do.  Because he can so exquisitely hold, there’s room to dive deep and to get curious about places that have never seen the light of day.  It’s powerful work.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.  Please give yourself the gift of journeying with this wonderful being!  Thank you, Jamie, for journeying with me in the ways that you have.  I look forward to more!”

Kim Willard
financial analyst
Los Angeles, CA

“There have been a lot of big changes since our session, quantum leaps in terms of my awareness, my confidence, and a clarity of what I want. Things have unlocked in a certain way. I think it’s all connected. I have realized that I truly hate my job and that I am going to quit. I was also approached by someone to come and help them start a company. So, for the first time in my life I am leaving corporate America and going to be an entrepreneur. For a long time, I have felt that I wasn’t living up to the best of my ability. I feel like I have experienced a tectonic shift and that I am now on a course for greatness. I still don’t know exactly what it is I am meant to do in the long run, but I now feel like I am on the path toward getting there.”

Reese Murphy
project manager
Scottsdale, AZ

“Jamie, at our first session I was a new mom in a struggling marriage dealing with an enormous amount of anxiety, doubt and in search of answers to my purpose in this life. And after our first meeting alone, I began the transformative journey to explore myself in a way that I never felt safe doing. Through our sessions, I realized I was used to not having a safe place to express myself or to really truly feel the things I was going through. I wasn’t giving myself the space, love and reinforcement I was seeking from others. You gave me a safe place to begin to peel back the layers and walls I had built. You supported me to do the tough, but rewarding work, of learning about myself – why certain things trigger me, why I am excited about certain things, why I found myself in a cycle that I never seemed to break out of. You held a safe, encouraging space for me to cry, to be angry, to ask big questions and did so gently but never let me fall victim to myself. I always felt safe, supported and never pushed or steered in any one direction.
And, wow! My life started changing! During our time together, with your support I had some honest conversations in my marriage, I uncovered some major family history that was hidden from me, my relationships with my mother and sister shifted to being less hostile and combative, a cycle I had a hard time breaking. I took certain trips I had been desiring and felt more fulfilled as a mother. I didn’t have to take anxiety medication and while I am still in the journey of finding out my true purpose, with your guidance and support I understand now that I don’t have to search for the answers; I just have to look within and trust myself. I am forever grateful to have met you! You gave me some powerful tools to unlock the power I had within me the whole time. Thank you so much. I’m forever grateful.