I’m the Guy Who Combines Deep Intuitive Magic with Therapeutic Training and Real-World Pragmatism

 I always like to say that I lived a very “real world” life before coming out of the closet as an intuitive and an empath.
I grew up in Boston.
Like most other kids, I cared about things like SAT scores and getting into a good college.
I went to film school.
Then I moved to LA; within a few years, I landed a job as the head story analyst for the Sundance Institute Writers’ and Directors’ Labs.
And that led me to the challenging, exciting world of entrepreneurship –
I started my own script consultation business with the express mission of supporting writers to to unlock the stories that actually lit up their hearts.
And it worked –
My clients went from day jobs to producing and creating shows like Friday Night Lights, Cold Case, Memphis Beat, Bojack Horseman and many others. They also produced and directed well over 15 feature films that played in esteemed festivals, won awards and starred A-list talent.
I was additionally hired as the visiting professor of screenwriting at Wesleyan University’s Film Studies program.
Between my work with Sundance, my freelance work with clients, and teaching at Wesleyan, I became a one-man story resource for working and aspiring screenwriters around the world.

Meanwhile, my passion for self-actualization and inner work opened up a whole other aspect of my professional life.

I couldn’t help but feel there was more out there for me.
I enrolled in a 4-year training and certification program for a body-based psychotherapy called Core Energetics – to learn more about myself and more about others.
I used my training as a Core Energetics practitioner to go even deeper with writers.
I recognized that writing is very much a holistic process – and what often holds a writer back stems not from an intellectual block but from an emotional block. Core Energetics allowed me to work with writers in a personal, feeling way so that they could find their own creative wisdom and write their scripts from a place of heart-based flow (rather than control-based intellect).
Soon, I was working with artists and entrepreneurs of all types to help them unblock their creative energy.

I didn’t plan this at the time, but my work with Core Energetics opened me up to a deeper, spiritual part of me that had always rippled below the surface but had never quite come to the surface.

All my life, I have had a very sharp sense of intuition –
I could “see” information in the simple way someone shifted their gaze when no one else was looking –
I could “hear” information in someone’s laugh –
I could “pick up” information in the particular words someone used when telling a story…
I never thought much of these intuitive hits because I thought this information was available to everyone.
I truly thought that my way of seeing, hearing and experiencing the world was everyone’s way of seeing, hearing and experiencing the world (a fish in water doesn’t know it’s in water).
I took the things I saw for granted as “obvious” or, even worse, totally off base.
So, I usually kept it silent.
My Core Energetics training was my first real understanding that I had a way of experiencing people and the world that was uniquely my own.
In my first year of training, one of my classmates entered into a therapeutic process concerning deep rage over childhood mistreatment – she was righteous, indignant and defensive. I remember feeling a sudden bolt shoot through my stomach (a literal gut feeling) and I heard the following words in my head: You wanted to be rescued…

 At the time, it made no sense to me. It didn’t seem to “match” the outward rage I was seeing from my classmate. So, I didn’t trust it. So, I kept quiet. I didn’t want to be “wrong.”
This peer continued to process her feelings, and after about half an hour, she finally broke down in sobs and confessed, “I wanted someone to rescue me!”
A lightbulb went off:

These feelings and insights I receive are real.

 So, I risked speaking up more.
As I did, another lightbulb went off:

People are paying attention to what I have to say – in other words, these intuitive hits are not obvious to the rest of the world – not everyone is seeing and hearing the things that I am seeing and hearing.

 And with time, there was a third crucial lightbulb:

My gut feelings and intuition are having a major impact on the people who receive them.

By the end of my training, I had people telling me that an intuitive message I had offered them had literally changed their lives.
It has been a gradual process bringing my intuitive and empathic resources to the world.
I embedded all of it into my work with screenwriters and other creatives.
My clients were truly getting life-changing results, but it was still hidden under the banner of script work or therapy.
Until it got to a point where I didn’t want to hide anymore.
So, I finally took the plunge and let the world know that I was officially offering what I call “Intuitive Readings.”

Welcome to Hollywood Readings!

 I love my readings because they operate on several different levels –
The intuitive level: receiving psychic images, messages and information.
The empathic level: feeling the client’s conscious and unconscious feelings in my own body.
The channeling level: letting the client’s energy literally move through my own body in order to clear it out, let it flow and work on it.
The shamanic level: working with the unseen forces to create healing in this realm of existence.
But what excites me even more is that I explore these esoteric fields with the grounding of someone who has lived and worked in “the real world.”
I know what it is to start and run a successful business.
I have worked in the entertainment industry.
I have worked in academia.
I know that all the magic in the world ultimately needs to support us to live in harmonious accord with the demands of the world around us – which includes making money, balancing work and relationships, and being a part of the modern civilization into which we were born.
This work supports real world integration (rather than bypassing it).
My therapeutic training likewise brings a depth to this work that I find is often missing in the New Age community.
Core Energetics supports clients to feel the full aliveness of their energy. There is no “good” or “bad,” “right” or “wrong,” “light” or “dark.”
Whether it’s rage, terror, grief, love, joy, sexuality – it’s all a part of your energy.
It is yours to feel and to claim and to take responsible ownership of –
And it is in fact the suppression of these vital life forces that cause distortions, destructive energy leaks, abusive behavior and patterns of disempowering blame and self-victimization.
Hollywood Readings do not bypass uncomfortable or strong (or uncomfortably strong) feelings.
And that is part of what makes these readings powerful.
It is very common for people to later tell me, “This was deeper than any therapy I’ve done.”
In short, I love these readings because they bring together all the different threads of my past experience – as a script consultant, as a professor, as an intuitive/empath, as a Core Energetics practitioner and as a human being.
They’re dynamic, multifaceted experiences that operate on several different levels at once: they address spirit, the energetic body, emotions and feelings, and also real world demands.
Ultimately, it is space where you have full permission to go wherever you need to go in order to arrive at your deepest truth and to do what you were brought here to do.